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June 2019

This month, we’ve changed the newsletter to bring you more and fresher technical content! We hope you enjoy the new format and information and would love your feedback in our survey.

Short posts and guides with hints, tips, and how-tos to help you get work done

Learn how to use the customizable slider widget and start creating sliders that totally adjust to your needs.

Great tips from our #OutSystemsMVP Jordan Welch on how to make your app easier to understand, particularly for continued development.

An interesting look at how to have a smooth application start and transition on Android using the OutSystems Splash Screen.

Dive into this three-part series on how to automate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) testing with OutSystems

Learn how to test an application's behavior using the Forge component BDDFramework. Design a test scenario in Gherkin syntax, then automate it in OutSystems.

Now it’s time to set up triggers for the test with the BDDFramework's Test-Execution REST API.

Finally, we show you how to conduct data-driven testing using data from a public API.

Stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technical news

Pssst! All Personal Environments will be updated soon, but if you want a head start, you can request it.

Check out three new documentation topics that will help you take your data visualization to the next level.

We’re taking meetups to a whole new level and kicking off official OutSystems User Groups worldwide. Join us! Plus, we’re on the lookout for people to help organize.

Product League

Utrecht, Netherlands


Lisbon, Portugal

International SOS

Trevose, Pennsylvania


Jacksonville, Florida

Surbana Jurong


July 4th - Lisbon, Portugal

User Group

July 8 - 12 - Singapore, Singapore

Boot Camp (OutSystems 11)

July 8 - 12 - South Africa

Boot Camp

July 15 - 19 - Sydney, Australia

BootCamp (OutSystems 10)

Join us at NextStep for 30+ Tech Talks

Some of the hot topics we’ll cover this year: Mobile Game Development, Using Processes and Timers, and CSS Tips and Tricks. Get your early bird ticket.